Zhejiang Sunnano Technology Co. Ltd, founded in 2003 with a registered capital of 20 million RMB, is located in the industrial park of Sanmen Zhejiang, planning to invest 250million totally and build up productive area of 85,000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of polymer nanocomposite material and its products. The leading products are high-performance nano-nylon composite material, special composite material for nano-nylon water meter body and pressure-bearing parts, water meter body and pressure-bearing parts and water meters.

    For years ,taking full advantage of producing not only special material for water meter body but also water meters,water meter bodies and pressure-bearing parts at the same time,we invested large amounts of manpower, material and financial resources in tackling critical and universally concerned problems such as the security and reliability of water meter body and pressure-bearing parts made from engineering plastic and have made remarkable achievement and accumulated lots experiences in R&D and production. The physical, chemical and anti-aging performances of our special material and water meter (meter body and pressure-bearing parts) are in line with the current National Standards after detected by the state's legal department. What is more, our products are obviously better than similar foreign products in comprehensive cost-effective. The DN15-50 nano water meter, with the measure performance range Q3/Q1=160, have already passed the pattern experiment organized by the state,s legal department and obtained the pattern authorization certificate and the permit for manufacturing measurement appliances. Products put on the market are widely accepted by users.

    The enterprise adhere to the quality policy of "Technology refinement, Product high-quality, Management innovation, Service excellence" and take "Energy saving, Environmental friendly, Safe and Reliable" as its foothold. Taking "Providing ancillary services for domestic and foreign water meter manufacturers" as our business development strategic objective, we continuously develop new products to meet the market requirements and strictly carry out the ISO9001 quality management system. With a strong sense of social responsibility, we solemnly promise: we take full responsibility for any lost caused by the quality of the products.

    The economic potentiality is abundant, management is standard, the development strategy is clear, and self-advantage is obvious. We have the capability to lead the revolutionary of replacing iron or copper and other materials by engineering plastic. The nano water meter, water meter body and pressure-bearing parts are excellent in performance, safe, healthy and high cost-effective, which can not only achieve the purpose to minimize secondary pollution, but also create value-added space for users. Both domestic and overseas customers are welcomed to share the achievements of Zhejiang Sunnano Technology Co. Ltd.

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